Building my own head mounted displays

Finally I found some time to snap pictures of my latest hack, a hmd build from parts bought cheap on amazon. It is currently a protoype I want to gather experience with and will eventually become a complete eyetap device – steampunk style 🙂

As parts I use mostly brass and acrylic plastic for the frame and a display salvaged from cheap chinese videoglasses I got for around 80 Euro from amazon. The electronics of the videoglasses are small enough to fit inside a small box on the frame and the lenses from the original videoglasses are reused as well. The only additional part I obtained is a beamsplitter plate for the transparent display. In the currently pictured version this beamsplitter is not yet attached but I use a cheaper plastic version I took out of a laser board game. The plastic beam splitter is not good enough for actual use of the display but it is sufficient for adjusting distance of the lense and testing the overall setup.

The microdisplay inside the videoglasses are Kopin 320C display units, it comes with two – one for each eye.

When I think I reached a satisfying state I also add some more detailed instructions on how to built it.

Some pictures to get a impression:


The unit from front.


from the side



The unit connected to a n900 mobile phone. The small silver box is from the chinese videoglasses and contains some rechargable battery for powering the display.


The attempt of taking a picture of the actual displayed screen.20150113_014

The unit how it is used in combination with my glasses. At the moment I attach them using some velcro.20150113_019

Again with glasses.20150113_020

And once more from the front.20150113_023

Building my own head mounted displays

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