Halloween deco

Did some low cost halloween decorations. Bad picture quality is due to it being dark outside…20181031_182115-1472140356.jpg


This is Egon. Egon is made from cardboard and was wearing old clothes. He hides in the shadows right of the door. Once someone rings the doorbell, Egon would wait 3 seconds and then with illuminated face and red glowing eyes start saying “Happy Halloween”. Quite some kids were startled by him 🙂



The window left of the door

The door

Table left of the door

Halloween deco

Yay PCBs

Got my first self designed pcbs from seeedstudio. I made some mistake with the printing on them but beside that they look great 😉

In case you wonder, they are simple adapter to mount rfm69 modules on a wemos d1 mini.

Yay PCBs

autonomous Attacknoid

Ebay provided me with this nice toy called “Attacknoid” for a few bucks and I did do some minor modifications to make it a bit more independant.

Attacknoid in its native shape:


Attacknoid after the treatment:


It is now controlled by a raspberry pi zero that connects to an Arduino pro mini via uart. The Arduino has 2x drv8833 motor drivers connected that do control the 4 motors in the Attacknoid:20180208_103227


At the current point the Attacknoid can be remote controlled via wireless network (Ethernet in the picture for testing) and can stream video. The next step will be the addition of some sensors so it won’t walk against walls and OpenCV code to use the video on the raspberry pi to determine its actions.

Some pictures of the ongoing work:





autonomous Attacknoid